Monday, September 28, 2015

Greenbluff 2015

I took way too many pictures for Instagram today, so I thought I'd share more here on the blog (!). It was a beautiful day spent at Greenbluff. We picked apples (our favorite snack), pumpkins, rode a tractor, fed some fish...perfection for the littlest ones. :)

We stopped in first at Rocket Bakery to fuel up for the afternoon. The last time we were there may have been when I was pregnant, overdue actually, with Ronan. 5 years, 3 kiddos later...phew!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Finch Arboretum 2015

We spent an afternoon doing a nature scavenger hunt at Finch Arboretum. So fun.  Apart from the scavenger hunt, the highlight was climbing the giant tree. Lincoln was a bit frustrated since he refused to let go of his trucks. It's hard to climb a tree when you're 17 months and have a truck in each hand! 



Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Finch Arboretum

If you live in Spokane and haven't visited Finch Arboretum, turn off the computer and go right now! And if you're from out of town, go next time you visit! (we must take our families next time they're in town). The arboretum is sandwiched in an unlikely place between I-90 and the Sunset Highway, yet once you're there you completely forget about the cars zooming near by. Fall is the best time of year to visit, with the trees changing color and so much variety to look at. I've taken the kids a couple of times and this weekend we took Patrick there for his first visit. 

The kids love climbing rocks, crossing the bridges, looking at trees and running. Ronan loves to ask what each tree is, I love that curious mind (and luckily for me, there are placards at each tree!). I took just a few photos this time around, we'll have to go back soon to catch more fall colors - everything is still so green. What a unique fall we're having!

Much to the delight of our kids, there are tables and benches tucked in everywhere. Ais was so proud to have found this one

this is all I get these days

my antics got a smile, but we lost daddy's head :)

Friday, October 17, 2014


More fall fun today as we took a "field trip" up to Greenbluff! We visited Siemers farm, which I would never dare to do on a weekend. We were far from the only field trippers there - it was much busier than I expected - but by lunch time, the buses had loaded and drove away and we were left with the place (nearly) to ourselves. I'm so glad we held out for the fun rides, because my adventurous 2 year old had a hard time understanding the whole "wait in line to take your turn" concept. Luckily, there were few lines after lunch and we got to enjoy the trains and giant slides with little waiting involved. Trains, slides, corn maze, castle, tractors, dune much fun!


Aislinn was very excited for her turn on the train!

maybe next year sis

i didn't pose her-she loved sitting on this pumpkin!

PS. My kids appear to be boycotting smiles for the camera lately. I promise they had a good time. Though we were all completely exhausted from having so much fun. :)

PPS. My photo taking skills taking skills take a turn for the worse when I'm packing a fussy baby around (as do my patience and stamina). However, the fact that I actually remembered the camera, and more impressively, used it, makes me proud. :)